Matiatia Wharf

Matiatia Wharf, Waiheke Island - How to Get Here

Located within the Hauarki Gulf/ Tīkapa Moana, Waiheke Island is only a 40 minute ferry ride from Downtown Auckland to Matiatia Wharf with Fullers. Fullers also run ferries from via Devonport to Matiatia.

Back in the day, the passenger ferry would take up to 1 ½ hour and would operate up to 4 times a day. And if you wanted a drink, you’d find the locals up the front in the ‘Snakepit’. You would also catch the car ferry from Matiatia Wharf, where the boat ramp is by the ‘Old Wharf’; until the Kennedy Point wharf was constructed in the mid 1970’s.

If visiting Waiheke, you can also catch the car ferry from Half Moon Bay to Kennedy Point. For info about catching the car ferry to Waiheke Island see Sealink.

1960's - The old Car Ferry at Matiatia Wharf & the 'Old Wharf' location

A special shout out to the amazing sculpture that you will see upon walking down the wharf. The sculpture, Te Werowero, was created by local Chris Bailey and was originally installed temporarily for the Sculpture on the Gulf in 2019. After a massive community effort /donation and with Auckland Transport contribution, this beautiful sculpture is here to stay. The figure in the artwork represents all people who choose to live on Waiheke and is on guard acting as a Kaitiaki – a guardian for all on Waiheke. You will also find a matching sculpture at Ki Maha, in Onetangi.

Matiatia Wharf is also home to many locals who reside on their boats, and is a hot spot for locals to sit and have a few quiet beverages.

The ‘Old Wharf’

Our charters operate from the ‘Old Wharf’ at Matiatia Wharf just along the passenger terminal (where the bus turning point is). Very convenient if you are traveling from Auckland or if you are on the island, drive and park at the carpark. When your at Matiatia, you can grab yourself a nice coffee and pie or cake from Shed 36 or go check out Ahi Pao at the Old Harbours Masters Office.

Departure Location

Waiheke Island's Local Marine Life

Other local residents at Matiatia are the infamous, bronze whalers out at Shark Bay. You may spot them in the summer months, but as the water starts to cool down, they will move away and we wont see them again until around October, when the water warms up. If you are a long term Waihekean, you will know these sharks have been at Shark Bay for a very long time (hence the name!). You will also see some other amazing sea life around the Bay, as well as fish (snappers, bait fish); stingrays can be spotted around the rocks and we have been lucky to see dolphins and Orcas around the Bay.

Waste-Free Fishing

The ‘disposal’ of fish frames is always a topic of conversation with fishing, and we will share a blog about ways you can utilise certain parts of the fish as well as the frames as there are so many uses for them (eg. Fish recipes/stock, in your garden etc). We will also share the methods we like to use of disposing our frames.

Our main focus for disposing fish frames is giving them to people who want them and use them to making meals for families (stocks, soups etc). We have a list of people and organisations that are always wanting the frames. Frames are also a great form of fertilizer in your garden.

We are always finding new ways to use our frames, so please get in contact if you want to receive frames or have your own great ideas on using them. We will post a blog about this in the coming months.

Contact us for more

We have lots of exciting blog ideas that we cant wait to share, including more Waiheke Island information, fishing tips, charter stories, our favourite fish recipes and much more throughout the year. We are also always open to hearing your feedback and ideas you would like us to share with you.


Te Werowero


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